Headed Out!

Well, i haven’t been talking about this, but…I’m headed to california! And here’s what that means for you, gentle reader: A Mick Travelogue, which is a tradition that predates blogging. This medium was, of course, made for the travel narrative, so rest assured I’m going to take great joy in this. Entriies will probably be light on the “linkiness” (thanks, Rona), but I’ll install links and pics as the opportunity (i.e.: wireless access) presents itself. Thanks for reading!

A longtime dream is in the process of being realized as I travel cross-country, escorting Julie Woolie to her new home in San Diego. Also along for the journey, intrepidsters, Tif and Troyboy. The mission: See the Bestus of the Westus, festus. We departed on sunday, somewhat later than expected, which is to say exactly when predicted. (ETD: 8am. ATD: 3pm).

But what ya gonna do? Hang out like it’s vacation, that’s what. And it is. My idea of a vacation— one where I got nothing really to do besides stare out the window or drive. Nice decision, methinks! This, after the several months grind of completing several major projects for the Ket.

So we got away late, then busted tracks. First stop: Louisville, to drop of my car at the Jamer’s, prepped and parked for the return flight form san diego next week. then, onto the road in earnest, we get busy for san diego.

A favorite stop thus far: the trucker oasis north of evansville (hello aunts and uncles!) at 41 and I-64, provider of a wide range of fried delicacies, all nicely dehydrated from the heat lamps. Still, I couldn’t pass up a small portion of jalepeno poppers (why, poppers?) and a corn dog. Also, I was momentarily horrified at the sight of Chicken Gizzards, which I used to be fed as a kid, but still have no idea the exact nature of. Gizzard?!?

Eventually, we cruised through the highway spaghetti of St. Louis about 10pm, which was good—those roads, kinda nutty puling a u-haul trailer. did i mention that part? two vehicles, each with a uhaul? that would be me and jules in the Crown Vic and Troy and Tif in the Landcruiser.. uh-huh. It’s all good.

Have to say we made our goal, to my surprise, that being Springfield, MO. We had to concede Oklahoma City, but I’ll settle for Springfield. Tomorrow will be a day of magnificent changing landscape as we make across Oklahoma (land of my people), Texas’ panhandle (just skirting Pampa, former home of some of my people) and then into wonderful New Mexico, and our goal Santa Fe. Hopefully some Route 66 along the way!

More to come…

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  1. gizzard – incredibly gristly thing that holds gravel and grinds (it’s a G thing, apparently) fowl food into digestibility. I’m thinking fowl have no digestive acids, maybe? Rona

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