To Blink, defined.

I want to propose a 21st century additional definition for the verb “blink.” The suggested addition is intended for your supermarket and mega-shopping experience, to ease communication with the harried check-out person. “Blinking,” then, is the act of running something over that barcode scanner, most especially, the handheld “gun” version that some stores use. “Blinking” is where they take that scanner gun and “blink!” your purchases.

Rationale: Sometimes you buy something—say, a bag of ice—that you don’t actually have in your cart but that you will grab after checking out. This is a prime opportunity to use the verb “to blink.”

So you could say, “Oh, will you blink me a bag of ice, too? I’ll get it on the way out.”

I’m-just-sayin’- is-all…

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