Vietnam Day 3: A Visit with Linh

I discovered the wonder and charm of not too long ago. An online community and framework for benevolence and generosity, has introduced me to new friends, allowed me to share my life and world with interested “strangers” and given me the gift of theirs. 

Nowhere could this be more true than last night, here in Hanoi, where, after extensive messaging across Couchsurfing, WhatsApp, Facebook messenger, and many. failed attempts at phone calls, Chris and I made our way in yet another hilarious, precarious motorbike ride to the high-rise apt building home of my never-met-in-person friend Linh and her 11 month old son, her husband and her sister-in-law. 

Linh prepared dinner for us all (see? thanks for the photo, Linh!), a delicious spread of spring rolls, fruit, a potato and pork soup and more, while her toddler, explored our knees and shoes under the table. Libby Lee sent along several carefully-chosen books to their family, (including some beloved favorites like Mr. Forgetful)
After that, as promised, I played a private ukulele concert for the family, even as some weird jet lagged stupor set in on me and I nearly dozed off twice while playing and singing. It wasn’t the company, I assure you. 
Linh’s family was wonderful and their hospitality and trust of two American dudes they’d never met are to be admired and modeled. Every day here, I see the kindness of strangers and the care taken of us, simply as “fellow humans,” I guess. It’s humbling, every time. And last night, at Linh’s was just the latest reason why today is the best day of my life, so far.

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