Precious Knowledge

Here’s the trailer for the latest — and I think most important — film by my dear friends and former Lexxers Eren McGinnis and Ari Palos, known collectively as Dos Vatos Productions.
Kentucky seems worlds away (NOT, it turns out) from the headline-grabbing Arizona conflict that is the topic of their latest film, but it seems only a matter of time before Lexington — with its vital and under-documented Latino population — comes face-to-face with similar debates.
This month, the film world premiered at the San Diego Latino Film Fest , followed by an Arizona premiere (photos) in Tucson — where the controversy continues to unfold as I write this.
While working recently in Tucson — far from the Bluegrass — on graphic materials for the movie, I was fortunate enough to learn some of the details of a struggle that colors the days and lives of thousands of young Arizonans. I also got to see the charisma and grace of not just some of the “stars” of this film, but also a few of the many who fight on a daily basis for the rights of our country’s largest minority population.
Precious Knowledge will be moving through the festival circuit over the next several months. Their Facebook page is probably the best place for info on upcoming screenings. Until you can see it — and you should, I don’t care what color your skin is — here’s the trailer.

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