Honk!TX — Day Two Highlights vid

Here’s a video look at Day Two of HONK!TX, the amazing festival of community street bands that my own March Madness Marching Band (at the beginning, seen leading a neighborhood parade and then performing The White Stripes’ Seven Nation Army) was lucky enough to be invited to play.
Many of (20 or so) wonderful bands are included here, but special attention to some of my heros: Atlanta’s venerable (37 years!) Seed & Feed Marching Abominable performs the classic Tuxedo Junction at 2:30; renegade maniacs What Cheer? Brigade (Providence RI) and Titanium Sporkestra (Seattle), perform together at about 4:00. (that’s followed by TS performing the Dead Kennedys’ hardcore classic, California Uber Alles — wow.)
Finally, at 5:50, Austin’s Minor Mishap Marching Band — whom I consider to be kindred spirits (we’re both MMMB!) — show their stuff. They were the festival hosts and partial organizers.
Amazing job. Incredible fun. Inspiring beyond words. Thank you, Minor Mishap and HONK!TX organizers ILoveMikeLitt for an unforgettable experience!

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