The Bili

Dining in Vieques has been as odd and unpredictable as much of our other experiences here. Most of the food has been unremarkable, but our first meal! We randomly decided on a nouvelle looking place called Bili, mostly cuz they had some nice window views and an appealing drink special (made-from-scratch Mojotos). But the food — cheap and generously-portioned tapas — was extraordinary. In fact, we’ve fretted every day since, because they weren’t open, again an again. I even feared at on point that maybe they’d quietly gone out of business, and we had their Last Supper. Finally last night Bili opened their doors again. The food was again amazing. The cocktails handmade and fabulous. This is The Bili, fresh fruit juice and rum infused with vanilla and cinnamon. I probably couldn’t drink more than one, but sublimely unusual. A tip of the hat to Alexander, our personable and talented server/barkeep, and also to the mesmerizing, rope-walking dreadlock rasta kids across the street that kept us deeply entertained through dinner, though they probably didn’t realize.

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