Blue Beach, Vieques, Puerto Rico

Two days now waking up to the sound of neighboring roosters instead of chop saws and hammers. It’s a good thing. Yesterday, we had a challenging beach tour. All of Vieques most glorious beaches exist within a national nature preserve, and you need transpo to get there. We chose the medium of scooter onc again. The perfect balance of all things. Scootering around, missing turns, stopping to look at maps.. It’s all part of the charm. Hilariously, the island doesn’t really have very many roads, but we’re missing turn and getting lost all the time. On some level, we were looking for shade for Lucy, and snorkeling for me (really both things for both of us, but those are the priorities). The beach politics here are like none Ive seen before. On Blue Beach, Secret Beach, & Garcia Beach, we would find tiny populations — 3-10 people — and still feel crowded. This would be on a fairly giant beach, mind you. The premium quantity is often shade. We’re both sun worshippers — albeit *from afar.* Or as I’m fond of saying: “I love the sunshine; especially when I’m not IN it.” The beaches are magnificent here today we’re going to try out the very outermost beaches -— and hope for that magical combo of good snorkeling, shade… and the absence of those pesky 3-10 other people who just want the same thing.

Beaches and scooters day

Lucy demonstrates our beach/scooter fashion sense.

The batmoscoot

You can’t really see the glory of my getting-snorkel-fins-on-the-scooter strategy, but it’s there..

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  1. You chose the greatest island in the Caribbean to go to. I went in May, when it is 95 degrees. But I think it is 85 degrees through winter. Blue and Red beaches are simply fantastic. Vieques is an island of privacy, a little mystery, and stretches of white (and some black) sand. Technically it has the best beaches in the USA besides Hawaii.

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