Morning in Topeka

(Just a quick update, much more to come later )
Topeka KS — The Brothers Jeffries got a good night’s sleep — some even got a bed. Some are still asleep in said bed — and a nice if short visit with cousin Jamie and her family the Racing Prathers. Jamie grew up in Michigan and we visited there many times. Jamie said last night that she never would have imagined that she would live in Kansas one day, but I don’t see much to complain about today: it’s breezy, dappled in sunshine, with swaying green trees all around their back yard.

Yesterday, our travel down I-70 was nicely punctuated with a stop at Road Food-endorsed Booches, a pool-hall joint in Columbia. Booches reminds us: Plates. Why again?

This AM, got to talk some with hubby (and 3-time national SCCA champ) Jesse, who offered some travel advice, as our task today is to head for Denver, and then across the Rockies. I have a greater respect for the gravity of this after driving the rig yesterday for 4 hours or so.

She drives real smooth, but it’s important to remember the sheer heft of what you’re pulling. Uh-huh! That having been said, brother Chris pointed out to me that if you watch the rear-view mirror as people pass, that many of them are staring admiringly at Marge, which is totally true. And a great elixir to combat road weariness. It’s hard not to smile every time you see somebody mooning over our sweet rig. Thanks, Wally.

Gotta get some work done now. May God continue to bless and watch over The Internet.

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  1. Mick, to make a long story short my sons are extremely intrigued by burning man, and thus tracking your current adventure. It occurred to me that my children are living vicariously through you, and I thought you might enjoy that notion 🙂

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