Homer headed out

Homer headed out
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Homer’s ready to roll out of Topeka. Me, too. We’re getting a late
start today and I’m feeling the crunch of time. Ideally we need to
make Denver tonite but that’s quite a haul.

Are we going to make it to Burning Man by Saturday at 6pm?

That’s our stated goal, and here’s why: we have the early-admission
passes that get us in before 40000 start thronging the gates six hours
later at 12:01am. And that is less a "convenient for us" thing than it
is a "secure the Kentucky Fried camp perimeter" thing. Because at
12:01, the weeklong free-for-all begins and we’ve got a lot of baloney
sandwiches to serve.

Which brings me back to this: Topeka, Kansas, is a looong way from
Black Rock City. Let’s get this Land Yacht on the road!

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