The Morning Oops

dateline wentzville MO wal-mart parking lotIRL woke me up this AM and didn’t hand me a cup of coffee. IRL was on the phone wants $5 a gallon.

Let’s back up — last night the Brothers Jeffries pulled away from Curdsville, Ky., and have made a nice foray to the far side of St. Louis — Wentzville MO to be precise.

Nearing 2am, with not really all that much of teh tired, we struck out on a couple of alleged RV Campgrounds and decided — with little begrudgment— on Wal-marts. After some fun that included being the near-only shoppers in a SoopaStore — three times — and a 2am parking lot bike ride, we had hit the hay in Marge, for a dreamy slumber.

Now I’ve been rolled —by a phone call from Penske in Owensboro, informing me that I had returned the truck on empty.

Oh, damn. True, that. Accidental, but nonetheless true.

Faced with the spectre of $5/gallon for them to refill, doing the frantic, half-awake and without a pencil, on the phone trying to resolve the situation that is now so 400 miles behind us.

Stay tuned.

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