Running On Empty

IRL wake-up call gets fuel injected: Owensboro step-brother Todd “T-N-T” Tyler has stepped up and bailed me out of that expensive tank of gas that Penske was wanting to pump for me — on top of an already overpriced and oversized rental truck.

In this case, the term full service is reserved for family.

Thanks, Todd!

Next stop for the Brothers Jeffries, loyal dog Homer, boxes of costumes, cases of Ale-8-One, pimp bikes, and let’s not forget the Kentucky Fried Camp’s “retail structure? Topeka KS to visit cousin Jamie and her race-car building/driving family.

Zoom, zoom!

Our checkered flag though is still off in the distance: Burning Man by Saturday. Construction and all manner of mods to Airstream Marge every step along the way. What comes next? Plumbing? Walls?

For now, it’s time to attempt an exorcism of the dozens of flies that managed to stow away from the Farm. What is up with the flies?!

Regarding the photo: So far? Being blonde is pretty fun.

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