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Out on the road with Lucy today, in Mt. Sterling, Ky. This is a neat way to do business. She goes on sales calls, I find a hot spot. Failing all else (coffee shops, lawyers stoops) there’s usually the public library. Mt. Sterling is a funny little dollhouse town. Meaning, it’s full of fastidiously maintained early 20th century colonials. Otherwise, there seems to be an abundance of bars for such a little place. And the rest is antique stores and tanning places.* Also: it’s the home of our dipshit governor who will be voted out of office with godspeed a week from today.

*’tanning places’ remark was completely uncalled-for, possibly even false. As a peace offering, I would like to point out that their library has a surprisingly large collection of Gore Vidal novels.

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  1. Funny, I don’t know a thing about y’all’s governor…but I always thought Gore Vidal was kind of a dipshit. –jT

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