The Final Edit

blow drying, originally uploaded by mrtoastey.

Here it is. This is what I shot over a thousand pictures to get down to. Seems crazy, right? It was an amazing experience. I came to understand how a good (in the care of my teacher, great) photo editor can look at dozens —even hundreds— of pictures … and see a story. Here’s mine, edited and laid out by National Geographic Senior Projects Editor Bill Douthitt. What you see here is what was shown a the Big Friday Night show at the Maine Media Workshops, along with the work of the rest of our class, and also the rest of the week’s participants. It was a really great time for me and I was very very smiley. Note: It wasn’t all girls, actually; but the slightly-extended story, which I’m still working on really concerns the girls and how 4-H figures into their lives. Plus I love the phrase Beltie Girls (although “Beltie Kids” is okay, too). Click here to see The Final Edit.

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  1. Nice!

    In my own private prediction, I totally guessed that the shot w/ the kid throwing hay would be in the final edit. –Reason: it totally looks like National Geographic to me, with the light & the motion (I’m a subscriber.) The rest I’d have never guessed.


  2. I actually felt that way about that shot and also about the up-close cow head. There were lots of pictures that went by the wayside, but I understand the reasoning.. many of them essentially canceled one another out.. for instance, there are a number of other equally good shots of kids throwing hay.

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