Trivial Thursdays download!

The Oct. 26 edition of my weekly radio show, Trivial Thursdays, was maybe my favorite show ever. My guests were beloved writer and Merry Prankster Ed McClanahan and celebrated photographer/filmmaker Guy Mendes. We spent a couple of hours reminiscing about Lexington music legend Little Enis and big-hearted underground radio phenom, Cowboy Steve. They shared their personal experiences with these two characters, we talked about art, music and the ever-changing times and it was such a joy to have them on the show. We played music by both Enis (there’s a free download of his album here) and Steve, as well as a host of vintage C&W contemporaries, and then Ed sang a song, just for good measure.

Since the show aired, I received request after request for a recording of their visit. And I’m happy to have made that a reality. So—If you want to hear Ed and Guy’s visit to Trivial Thursdays, you can download and listen to the entire show by clicking here. (77mb mp3 file)

Also, if you find yourself awake from 7-9am on most any Thursday morning, I would love to count you as a listener. You can either listen live on WRFL 88.1 in Lexington from 7-9am, or you can listen online from anywhere with a fast internet connection. Every week, a different guest. Every week, some new laughs!

photo credit: Ed McClanahan portrait by Guy Mendes, courtesy of Gnomon Press.

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  1. Yay!!!
    Todd will be glad that it’s recorded cuz he slept thru it and was bummed to miss the little enis chat…
    jessi f

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