Today is Picasso’s birthday (and mine)

Yep, it’s my natal anniversary! A pretty day by the look of it; More and more, I suppose I would adhere to these notable words from Granny, on The Beverly Hillbillies: “Every day’s a gamble; I figure if I wake up in the morning, I’m a winner.” Words of wisdom, Granny, words of wisdom! And let’s not forget, in times of doubt, that I share my birthday with Picasso, Minnie Pearl, and Matthias Jabs, guitarist of The Scorpions. Matthias Jabs?! That’s what I’m talkin’ ’bout…

Today, I’m listening to David Bowie’s Low and thinking about the line: “Don’t you wonder sometimes? About Sound and Vision?” I do. I’m afraid I’ll lose it (vision, that is) or maybe even never know it. But I hope I get to keep wondering, I guess. Sometimes I think I want the answers and that I want them right away, but I guess I wouldn’t have anything to do if I had all the answers. So in the meantime, I’ll enjoy the clear blue sky and friends and Indian food and breathing and an upcoming adventure or two.

Some other things that happened today are here.

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  1. That’s it BD Boy! You keep on having those adventures so those of us who don’t have quite so many can live vicariously thru you~

  2. HBD, MJ

    I recall a long past MJBD – when faced with a city grid, we took the diagonal path. Even though it was harder & more painful, it was also more fun!

    Choose Life! Choose Blue Skies! Choose Willy Nelson!

    Hearts & Flowers in little lazy boxes–


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