Am I Working in a Department Store?

Sometimes I feel like I’m working in a department store.

It’s all this damned techno that I listen to. Actually, I’m typically at home working in my pajamas; But by the sound of it, you’d think I was working in some windowless cubicle at Barney’s or something. I can’t figure it out—You know the old saw: “Television will rot your brain;” Personally, I’m more concerned about Hotel Costes, Cafe Del Mar, and a jillion other fluff electronica series that I —for some reason—continue to put on as my work soundtrack. The other day, I was on the verge of apologizing to Lucy.

If you’re married and/or work at home, you could find yourself in the same boat: “Honey, I’m sorry about all the electronica…”

Truth be told, there is a reason, or at least, an excuse: I’m gradually aspiring to be a snobby art gallery DJ. With some success, too. So I act like I have to listen to this stuff, y’know, to keep up. I’m still embarrassed sometimes.

One of the finest (non-electronic) tracks last year was The New Pornographers‘ “Sing Me Spanish Techno.” Now, nobody knows what Carl Newman is talking about at any given moment; even he claims the lyrics are frequently non-narrative. But I like to think that song refers to a couple of friends: One hates techno, the other loves techno. His favorite (of late—because it’s always ‘of late’) is Spanish techno, in particular. His techno-hating friend is put out over the fact that all techno sounds roughly the same and —it’s not even music, right?— issues the challenge: “Okay. Sing me ‘Spanish techno.'” Exactly.

Somebody get me an electric guitar, quick.

full disclosure: this post written while “grooving” to the sounds of Man Ray Vol. 4

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  1. hey dude… don’t just tell us about a cd… or link to somewhere we can purchase it!

    rip that sucker to mp3 and slap it on rapidhshare so we can ALL enjoy.

    all the kids are doing it.


  2. Right on brother! Mick, you know my husband has a problem with all my bellydance music going all the time. He’s tired of hearing it. Of course, we gotta keep up!

    How can I use the music if I don’t have the right left drop bounce dip shimmy down right with the beat? If I just play it I know where it happens and I can just pull it off so pretty.

    And buddy, you could do a whole blog about the music you use for dj time! I love hearing it.


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