On the road and geekin’ the Best Western

Another trip across the mid-south, folks, what does it mean? It means more blogging from the road, that’s what! This used to be hard. Now it’s getting easy. That probably means I’ll soon grow bored with it. I hope not. My dream is to find something that I’m so obsessed with that I never grow tired of it. No dice, so far. But I can dream, right? Actually, blogging seems to be in first place for a while now. Especially during traveling jaunts. Incidentally, I’m sitting in the lobby of the Chapel Hill Best Western, amid the fetid florid furniture. “but why, mick, aren’t you in your room on the back of the deserted hotel?” you must be asking. Well, it’s like this: Lucy, she gotta watch Lost. And I’m not proud—I’ve got to watch it too, but I’m behind and cannot watch it right now. Must. Avoid. Thus, The Lobby Technique. So got the frick out. First stop: Whole Foods – Durham! A dreamland, I tell ya, of granola-esque deliciousness! I went in to get a variety of items (okay, okay—sauteed kale, tofu pad thai, barbeque turkey burgers and all kinds of olives) and a bottle of cheap red wine. I actually found it: Cheap Red Wine. That’s what it’s called. Perfect. We’ve been kind of wrapped up in “Two Buck Chuck,” and I think it’s sinking in. Me? Looking for wine? God help us all. Talk about The Next Thing…this one could last for years if it takes hold. Please—don’t talk to me about wine. I don’t want to. I don’t want to talk about wine. I just want to drink it.

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