Lucy and I goofin’ at the fabulous Lexicon Project Mobile Studio, in front of the Dame after the recent Mecca benefit! Thanks, Lexicon Project!

The benefit went swimmingly. Mecca—who’s home has been in the heart of downtown lex for six years—has recently moved to their new home. The cost of that moving—we’re talkin’ new dance floors, y’all—has not been small, and so a benefit was in order. Interestingly, in spite of all the wonderful things that Mecca has done for the arts community, I can’t recall there ever being a previous benefit for Mecca. And talk about a shoestring budget… sheesh!

Let’s see, we had the always-fabulous Rakadu performance, as well as more super-duperness from Big Maracas, Club Dub and Big Fresh, who get extra props for including a lecture on prime numbers in the middle of their set, with guest lecturer, Stereo Apple and Marble Robert Schneider. I learned so much, guys…

My favorite part of the evening was kind of a hilarious come-uppance that could remain private, but I want to share because Carlin and Chan said they actually read my blog, so I gotta offer up…um, something.

There have been a variety of Mecca related events at The Dame where I get to DJ. I love to DJ, and when it’s a Mecca thang, it’s usually a vaguely Middle Eastern Bossa Nova techno affair. Then afterwards, it’s not unusual for me to be asked to DJ for a bit to the loyal crowd. Last time I did this, I got to play 70’s disco to a very appreciative dance floor until 2am or so, and it was such a feeling, to quote-unquote rock the dance floor.

So I’m thinkin’ ‘yeah, some more dance dj action,’ gettin’ some tunes queued up (blondie? no, no… Pilot? what? what?!)… I’m standing in the soundbooth next to Mikey Tev, who’s poised to flip the board over to the DJ as soon as Big Fresh finishes up their wackiness. Nick, the Manager, is standing behind us and when BF wraps, he’s gonna cue Mikey to swap over to the DJ. I’m considering my first song choice once more (this is all on laptop, by the way, so I can change my mind pretty quickly). Then, my time has come: Nick cues Mikey Tev and he moves this slider and that and I wait for Pilot’s “Magic” to come boomin’ across the PA—what a sweet sound it’s gonna be—but instead I hear…Heart? Magic Man??! What the fuh?!

I glance around the club, everybody’s rockin’, and I look over to see…my nemesis! Mikey Turner, friend, RFL hipster, Warmest Milk, on the wheels of steel at DJ station #2!



I had to laugh. Apparently, I was the only one that thought I was DJ’ing after the show. And I realized that I hadn’t actually bothered to ask. What’s that about ‘assuming?’

Never mind, I got it.

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