Mick turns 40. Film at 11.

People—I have just had the most excellent 40th birthday…season. One of the things I like about my Oct. 25 birthday is that is five days after my sweetie’s and seven days before Halloween. Lots to do. And it’s in the height of autumn, my favorite season. Until Spring, that is.

Well, I turned 40 this year. No real drama to speak of. I think it’s too easy to dwell on these things, and I’ve probably done my share of hand-wringing over it in the “lead-up,” but not really so much. I mean—what do they say?—beats the alternative. Yup!

And I’ve got so many friends. They threw me a surprise party under the devious organization of Lucy. Back to that later.

There was breakfast at the Meadowthorpe Café; there was the New Pornographers (early, true, but I really highly encourage you, gentle reader, to celebrate your birthday season.) There was Lucy’s birthday. There was a trip to the drive-in.

And there was my wonderful and rainy actual birthday which featured thrift store visits and Charlie and the Chocolate Factory. Then sushi and friends. And, as I said, then there was the surprise party. Which didn’t come until friday, just long enough that I didn’t suspect a single thing. I mean—hadn’t I already had quite enough fun for one person? Well, I’ve always been a bit of a glutton for fun.

So, friday, the plan was to meet Jennifer and Travis for a drink, which sounded like plenty of fun. I was kind of stressed because of my impending yard sale, the next morning. Ad in the paper, yada yada. Had to do it! Lucy had proclaimed repeatedly her desire to go out dancing to The Big Maracas, Lexington’s fine fine salsa/samba outfit down at The Dame. I had been caterwauling about the yard sale, the yard sale, but in the end had finally conceded that dancing seemed like a better idea than walking around Bassett house, wringing my hands over the coming morning.

We walked the breezy fall night air stream a few blocks to The Dame and right inside the door, a chorus of mashed-up “Surprise!” and “Happy Birthday!” And—I’ve got to tell you—I didn’t know what to think. My first thought was “Oh! How nice to have everybody at the bar wish me a happy birthday. I wonder how they pulled that off…”


mick is surprised
So let me get this straight—
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I actually had to first realize that I knew basically every person I saw, and then talk to a couple of people before grasping that this was a surprise party for me. My next thought was: Woo-hoo! TT was there to instantly hand me a Gin and Tonic. T’ank yoo, dahlink…

The rest of the night was spent dancing and laughing and talking. Well, here’s some pictures, if you’re curious. Oh yeah—I got to bed at about 3am, got up at 5:30pm and shagged my sorry ass over to Bassett for my yard sale. Hurtin’!

Of course, it was so very worth it.

Thanks to all my wonderful friends. Thank you!

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