Western Omelette

Western Omelette
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Had a fabulous weekend in Northern Kentucky seeing The New Pornographers at the Southgate House. Wheeee!

In between, we had time to eat at two of Newport/Covington’s legendary 24-hour diners, The Anchor and The Pepper Pod, bot of which are featured in this story.

The girls here, in rare “morning-after” form, at The Pepper Pod in Newport.

I’ve been perusing Edward Weston books lately, and am rethinking what I toss and what I keep. I think I have plenty of “Smile!” pictures. Alternately, I love this picture because of the variety of expressions on the girls’ faces… Thanks, ladiez!

Additional note: Mary and I had been to the Pepper Pod merely six hours before this, on a late-night breakfast binge. Upon crashing and getting up with the rest of the posse, we shrugged and headed back for another round of eggs!

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  2. Hey! I linked to your site through Anessa’s! I see you visited the Anchor Bar and Grill? I have a funny story about that!
    Working in the ER at St Elizabeth North in covington on 3rd shift was always a real treat! One night a guy stumbled in to my desk to be seen by a Dr. He had been beaten up pretty bad, and could barely talk. I asked where the fight took place and he said the Anchor Bar and Grill….He proceded to vomit all over my desk, and so I ran in the back to get a nurse….On a normal night they would’ve been out to get him already, but this night was no normal night…. The Nurse asked if there was blood in his puke, and I said no, just chunks, but there were some peas…..the nurse said to me “PEAS? THE DON’T SERVE PEAS AT THE ANCHOR???!!” HE was slightly offended that somehow this man was able to get peas, and he never could after pulling an all nighter in the ER.
    Anyway, I thought it was funny and thought I would share it with you!
    Your blog is great! I love how you can link to different sites through it….I just started this blogging, so I really don’t know much!
    Take Care! Maggie

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