Where did I go?

IT WOULD BE NICE to have something profound to say, but the short version is: Life and technology got in the way of the Mingle Freely blog. Not at all in a bad way. See, I had another kid. I made a blog for her. Then, for silly technological reasons (as well as dazzling adulation), that made it hard to post to Mingle Freely.

The bliss of performing with MMMB (photo: Estill Robinson)

Very happy to return my 13 year old blog (over 2,300 posts)  to active service, with all posts dating back to 2005 (relatively) intact! AND get into the wonderful world of WordPress!

Impossible thanks to Nick Warner, my friend, for helping this to happen. Nick does lots of amazing stuff, just by existing, and the world is a richer place with him in it.

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