Outside it’s Perpetual Dusk

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Maybe it’s perpetual dawn, rather than dusk. I see now why the flight crew designates a pull-down-the-shades-and-dim-the-lights enforced night time, even though it’s daytime out the window. Flying 500 miles an hour to the West isn’t a natural thing to do. I guess we’re chasing the sun across the Pacific Ocean… and maybe winning? That’s the part I’m unclear about. Anyway — outside it’s like this for hours now.

Just had another phenomenal meal. “Best airplane meal of my life so far,” I’d have to say. Dinner, I guess, but maybe breakfast . Hard to say. My phone says 9:29. The BEYOND entertainment system on my seat back says it’s 13:31 (1pm?) And claims we’ll reach Seoul at 16:57, 2400 miles from now, in about 5 hours. That same BEYOND system also fetatures this incredible live view: 
In that background you can see our dazzling attendent bringin ’round the latest meal, which I’d interpret as: fish and rice (the most perfect sticky rice since the last most perfect sticky rice, some hard-to-determine number of hours ago), with baby bok Choy, carrots, some sublime mushroom medley; a cold sweet potato salad; some warm bread and butter; and a heavenly chocolate mousse of some sort. Actual metal flatware and green tea served afterwards. So amazing that it seems impossible. What I’m secretly hoping is that it is, in fact, possible …. one more time before we land in Seoul. Because I’ve practically licked everything clean. These people are gods at 36,000 feet.

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