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  1. Review:

    Wheat – Light and balanced. Just not my cup 'o meat. Most folks will probably dig it for summer.

    Amber – Most insipid of the bunch. Kinda like Michelob Dark. Might be attributable to sampling this one last, however.

    Brown – Most suprising of the bunch. I don't dig Newcastle Ale, but to my palate, this stuff is better. Supplemented the flight glass w/ a pint 'o' same.

    IPA – A light and easy drinking IPA. May not please diehard hopheads, since the hops don't blow you out out of the water like Dogfishhead, et. al. Kind of lacks a "middle" and no hot alcholic finish. Pleasing to this neophyte alehead, however, especially for summer. So much so, grabbed a growler to go.

    All of the above available via a reasonably priced Quadrophenic "flight" on a spiffy platter bearing the spiffy logo w/ spiffy 4 oz or so tasting glasses.

    Very cool space, nice folks, and reasonably priced swag. Thanks to the Mickster for flagging this one.

  2. Nope.

    This "anon."

    1. Posted the "pretend anlgo" comment in connection with your Styx REO 'reener rawk rant a good while back

    2. Requested on overview re: upscale tequila. Still waiting

    3. Zapped the New Yorker blurb regading the demise of the communal film experience in connection w/ the Garboesque shot of your young-un

    4. Commented on Cafe LMNOP and the Babylon Dance Band

    5. Most recently posted a thoughtful beer review.

    Have been to N.Y once, however.

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