Introducing Libby Lee: Elizabeth Lee Points Jeffries

Five Little Fingers…Libby Lee with Mama Lucy & Baby Moon Doula Anne (to whom we offer infinite gratitude and love)Talk to the FingerLibby Lee • A Handful of MinutesIntroducing: Elizabeth Lee Points Jeffries — Libby Lee.Ten Little Fingers…
Five Little Fingers…A beautiful, ten-toed little girl — 6lbs, 15 oz, born at 5:21am, 20 in., omgz. Mom and Dad are great, and filled with joy. Name soon to come… Much love from Club P-J…

Libby Lee, a set on Flickr.

Thanks for the love and support that’s being pouring towards Libby Lee, Lucy and I. We sure feel it (or is that sleep deprivation?)

Elizabeth Lee Points Jeffries was born at 5:21am on September 17, 2011. Delivered by Dr. Rudy Tovar, we were supported invaluably by Anne Rust, of Baby Moon. Libby Lee was 6 lbs. 15 oz and 20 inches long… We didn’t know the gender and we didn’t know the name…but we know that we are dazzled by her.

Completely dazzled.

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