Keeping Debabelized

Keeping Symposium 2011 Debabelized

Elizabeth Bagby

Bilingual Executive Assistant for Alltech’s Director of Latin America Carla Woodley makes the rounds. In the translation booth: Maria Cecilia Navas, of Columbia, and Angelica Marquez, of Venezuela. (Photo by Mick Jeffries)

This is an article I wrote for Alltech’s blog during their 27th Alltech Symposium, which was attended by over 2200 people from around the world and at least 400 non-English speakers. I was fascinated by Alltech’s ongoing commitment to accomodate this segment of their client base by offering state-of-the-art translation services each year. So I wrote this article for their blog, thinking others might be similarly interested.

By Mick Jeffries

You don’t have to know Carla Woodley to know that she speaks your language. And if not, she can definitely find somebody who does.

Woodley, the Bilingual Executive Assistant for Alltech’s Director of Latin America is one of the principal coordinators of theSymposium’s world class (literally) real-time translation services. A native of Panama who grew up in Texas, she’s worked in this capacity for Alltech for over five years and helps coordinate a staff of nearly two dozen translators who keep the Symposium’s international audience speaking the same language…. continue reading on Alltech’s blog

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