Leading Women 2011 outtakes and commentary

Robbie MorganMarnie HoloubekMarnie HoloubekLisa MintonLisa Minton"testing supermodel height…"
Soreyda BegleySoreyda Begleythe junior fashionistasFreda MeriweatherFreda MeriweatherSandra White
Sandra WhiteDebra HensleyDebra HensleyLaura D'AngeloLaura D'AngeloLeading Women Series background – Framing the shot
Cindy HeineCindy HeineEsther HurlbertEsther HurlbertWanda BertramWanda Bertram
The Flickr set pictured above collects images from one of my favorite photography projects for Business Lexington magazine: Leading Women of Central Kentucky, the 2011 edition.

It’s always a hustle — arranging 20 shoots, conceiving frames, and sorting and choosing afterwards. Along the way I always meet some of the most amazing people, doing wonderful things in Kentucky. This is my 3rd year doing this series and it’s more delightful every time.

See the published series with accompanying articles in Business Lexington magazine.

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