the road to black rock city

Last year was a challenge: 2 brothers, a dog, an airstream trailer, less than a week to get to Burning Man 2009.

This year: two brothers, a Persian dude, 2 large dogs, an airstream, and a disassembled 15′ tall geodesic dome (weight: 500 lbs).

Did I mention that we’re running at least a day late and are considering a side-trip to Mt. Rushmore?

We’ve upped our standards; UP YOURS.

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  1. I last stopped by Mt. Rushmore with a band (in a Winnebago.) We found the cafeteria/food court thingie quite useful for restocking our vehicle's fridge with various useful condiments in single serve packets. Not meaning to advocate stealing from USGov, but it seemed like a good idea at the time.

    Only a day behind? You've got plenty of time.

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