On Trivial Thursdays, I was lucky enough to be the first “waking hours” deejay to broadcast at WRFL‘s new full power of 7900 watts. Ten years in the making, the power upgrade was easily such a big deal that I had to get station founder Kakie Urch on the phone immediately to discuss what is probably the station’s best news since going on the air in 1988.
Here’s our chat, along with my guest Amberly Warnke of WRFL’s “Ages 3 & Up” program and PRX’s Pied Piper Radio.
It’s about 11 minutes of conversation, and included is Big Audio Dynamite’s “C’mon Every Beatbox” — the 1st song that WRFL played upon signing onto the airwaves over 20 years ago. It seemed only appropriate to play it again, as our signal extends, for the first time, far beyond Lexington.

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