Peter Frampton Show Me The Way Midnight Special 1975

Today is Peter Frampton’s birthday, which makes me happy for some reason. I think it’s because it takes me back to my earliest rapture of AM radio, and how that was the beginning of forming my own musical tastes, independent of those of my parents, or siblings, or even friends. I have these memories of sitting around our patio on hot Summer days, listening to the radio, and cataloging the songs, what I liked, what I didn’t. I loved this song, and all these years later, I still do. Lots of things don’t hold up so well, it’s true. But it’s worth hanging on to the little pop gems that are scattered through the years. And, yes, I do still have my original vinyl of “Frampton Comes Alive,” the surprise hit, for years the biggest-selling “live” record ever made. I’m sure there’s a story to that success — is it good that it’s soeasy to find? I’m ok with it today.

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