“Family Planning” section at Death Star Kroger

It it me or is it totally southern to call the condom/lube aisle the “Family Planning” section?

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  1. I hereby submit that it's NOT totally southern – unless by "southern" you mean New York City. IMHO this phraseology is due for an update. How about the "Gettin' Down" section? Too overt?

    Now, please, I need to know what is the Death Star Kroger?

  2. ACE Weekly is somewhat responsible for the smirky naming of the assorted Krogers in Lexington.

    It may have started with "Disco Kroger," which is the Euclid one.. "Death Star" Kroger — Beaumont — is so named because it seems to be as big as the Death Star, I think.

    I think there's an article somewhere online, if you search.. ah; here it is


    I think I have sometimes been credited with naming the Richmond Road branch "Webb Krogre"

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