Fiends of Distinction

All day at the beach and we hardly saw a soul. Except for a couple of strange girls, 15-20 hrs old. One approached us and obviously couldn’t speak English any better than I could speak spanish. She had a vaguely frenzied quality of glee about her; Lucy and I both were having unspoken considerations, the same ones, to some extent: 1. This is private property and she’s telling us to leave? 2. They’re going to rob us? 3. They’re high, drunk, or tripping. One girl gleefully gave Lucy a bundle of twigs and then “planted” her own handful (pictured), complete with protective fencing. Eventually they wandered off, but it was odd enough to write about.



Easy Chair?

It’s on the beach, so it’s pretty easy. I didn’t sit in it, though…


It is TWOsday, but one of these is Lucy’s, I must confess.

Vieques sunset

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