Aspects of Young Japanese Metal Understudy

I stumbled into the world of 17586063 because today is Ozzy’s birthday, and I was looking for some fodder for my radio show. I didn’t expect that I’d be listing Some reasons why 17586063 is my new guitar hero:

  • Most astounding demonstration(s!) of Randy Rhoads guitar technique I’ve ever seen. Ever.
  • Giant stuffed fuzzy chickadee prop
  • Frame composition
  • Incredible guitar tone and volume!
  • Mysterious Asian chick with fashion sense who rocks like an avalanche.
  • Treatise on all videos: I play (name of song) on guitar in order to let METAL be popular.”
  • Did I mention the astounding Randy Rhoads technique?

Also recommended: Crazy TrainFlying High Again

Bonus: You’re not done until you’ve seen this other girl play Rush’s YYZ.

PS: A translation of the title cards of the “Mr. Crowley” video would be appreciated.

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