Ginger Beer champs! Found!

My first trip ever to Cincinnati’s bizarre and magnificent Jungle Jim’s has yielded not one, but two highly sought-after Ginger beers (ales)! Looks like the forecast calls for Dark-n-Stormy cocktails

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  1. Ginger Beer is very near and dear to our hearts! We at Fentimans have been making ours since 1905 in Northern England and now also in the US. You can learn about us at or on our facebook fan page at I think that Jungle Jim's may have us, but if not, we'll reach out for them and see if they won't purchase some. Our unique sodas are botanically brewed and fermented over 7 days to create an aroma and flavour unlike any others.

    Thanks for letting me share our passion with you and your readers.

    Cheers, Greg Warwick President Fentimans North America, Inc.

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