Getting the Boot

Well, it finally happened…

My car got the boot this morning.

And it’s kind of a relief, I have to admit. I was at Gumbo Ya-Ya doing Laptop Lunch and so The Boot didn’t really affect me that much, in terms of convenience. Except to my wallet, of course. The whole thing was handled on the phone. Once I went outside and there was a boot on my car; later I went outside and there wasn’t a boot on my car. Voila.

The problem was that I owed about $150 in parking tickets. Why didn’t I pay them? I guess paying parking tickets just doesn’t really (will never, in fact) rank on my radar very much.

It’s not a policy of mine, per se. It’s just an unfortunate pattern of behavior.

You might wonder if getting The Boot will change that pattern: Probably not. I’m honestly just relieved that the tickets are paid now, and that I can go back to getting tickets like a normal person, without having to worry about whether or not I’m going to be booted or towed if I find the need to park somewhere w/o feeding the meter.

(For some of you who read my blog regularly, this may sound familiar. Tomorrow, I’ll post the essay that I wrote about how I got my bike towed and enormous good came of it.)

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