Stupid Pet Tricks? This one’s a winner

“Stupid Pet Tricks” used to be a feature on the Letterman show and may still be. I don’t think “stupid” is really the right word, but sometimes, there are things that our pets do that are so unexpected, so delightful… and maybe slightly disturbing — that the SPT moniker seems to be the only appropriate blanket term.

This is not a music video. But it is a very clever promo video by the band Dead Man’s Bones, who have gotten fascinatingly mixed reviews. In my opinion, they are a more-than-decent band, with a particular and odd sensibility. I’m not sure that I love them, but I definitely like them.

This video is so simultaneously savvy and uncomplicated, completely devoid of production values. And as I said, it’s not a music video.

Their music aside, this video shows that Dead Man’s Bones have plenty of mirth and ingenuity.

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  1. Put this on our list of things to talk about on our Gallery Hop walk and or ride…Dead Man's Bone's….not just the CD, but everything….the entire package…..I'm in awe and kind of obsessed…
    add to that Heart (the band…not the icon)….Vampire Santa and building bikes with Nick Warner…..

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