Season succulents

Season succulents
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I’ve always had a great love for succulent plants. I think it’s
because they sort of look alien.

I’ve kept them for years, but feel like I’ve waxed and waned on my
cultivation ability.

Anyway it’s been a great year. I did a lot of connecting and research
trying to improve my skills — and the payoff was some very vigorous
jade plants!

What I learned: drainage, drainage, drainage. Thing number 2: filtered

And a 3rd thing: pruning. It’s something I’ve never liked doing, but
it has made my plants fierce.

I’ve been cleaning up the jade kingdom for moving inside for the cold
months, and today’s best thing: all of the clippings — which I’ve
been stacking on the kitchen counter — I got to give them away to my
March Madness Marching Band dearies!

It fills my heart with joy that: a) so many were interested in a
clipping and b) I figured out how not to discard pieces of the plants
that give me such delight.

Did I mention that it was the most beautiful Nocember day?

(pictured: thriving clippings that I brought all the way back from the
Shochat’s Berkeley CA yard. Thanks, Ashley!)

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