What Do Roses Smell Like Again?

I feel so out of touch with blogging, and I guess I have myself to blame, though it’s easy to blame Facebook. Or Facecrackbook, as my pal AliThinks says. Taking a look at her blog this morning is actually what has inspired this post.

I’ve been “busy” for so long now that it’s probably well past sounding important and gone to just being annoying to anybody who hears it from me. What is this “busy” thing all about? I’ve twice seen this delightful programmer/lecturer named Phillip Kerman who decries “being busy” as a form of disorganization. I don’t disagree, and my office is currently a testament to complete chaos.

I feel like I work for whoever yells the loudest, and I would really like to get out of that. But I’m not currently wired that way. I keep trying to check all the things off the list which has never worked to my knowledge. I don’t know how to be empowered by the list and yet not be a slave to the list. Brother Chris has some arcane approach, something about “put big things on the list. and then at the end of the day, throw away the list. start again tomorrow with a new list.”

Something like that. It’s pretty arcane to me.

Lately, I’ve done so much cool stuff, though. I would like to return to my once-upon-a-time modus operandi of using my blog as a kind of personal scrapbook.

Right now, I’m trying to finish a blur of work projects, but what I really want to be doing is culling and sorting my Burning Man photos — which are over three months old. Bah. They’re coming soon.

Hang on, Gypsy Queen. Your photos are coming. And my memories.

I had a recent thing happen that caused my blogpride to swell, though. I did this Zombie Photobooth thing again this year — once for SWAvm, and then again for the Beaux Arts Fall Ball — to great delight, even my own. (actually, technically, I did it three times but due to some miscommunication, the original gig — at 3rd Street Stuff for Thriller — was kind of a bust. But I will post the few photos that I shot)

It’s a kind of tricky digital setup and as I prepared and made sure that I understood WTF I was doing, I did a google search to find a tutorial on “tethering” (shooting directly from camera to computer), and I found … a link to my blog. Because, shockingly, I had actually written a well-notated blogpost on how I did it last time. It was like Past Mick leaving a breadcrumb trail for Future Mick.

Anyway, fuck Facebook, for reducing my blogging to one or two sentence bursts that are written in a creepy 3rd-person voice. (and were I ON Facebook right now?* I would have typed “fvck” instead of “fuck” because of a fear of reprisal from the Faceless Facebook management)

Big love to blogging. I think I can have my coffee now.

*Note to those of you reading this on Facebook though the atrocious “Notes” feed: I didn’t write this on Facebook. I’m wrote this on my BLOG. It’s called Mingle Freely. Feel free to visit it, as I worked hard on it for years… until Facebook distracted me with its irresistible pointlessness. Probably, like me, you have other things that you could do, but are weedling away the hours on this infernal timesuck. I wish I could quit it.

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  1. Me, to Facebook: "I can't quit you!"

    Thanks for the props. I find I can't do proper writing on FB, so blogging it is. And if I'm blogging, it's because of NaBloPoMo and the fact that I need motivation to see a project to completion.

    And it's either blog again, or delete the whole damn thing.

  2. I love finding things I've forgotten on my blog. Or rants … typically useful or ranty are these blog things. 🙂

    You might be able to get your blog to send a link to facebook instead of that summary post thingy. A link would thereby suck the hopeless folks who don't know how to use an rss reader away from the facecrack and onto your blog.

    Remind me to research that as it seems like it would be rather useful…

  3. I must now confess that I am addicted to list making, it really is a sickness for me. An now, you have enabled me to take my addiction to new heights with your link to Toodeledo. OMFG! Genius!

    OK sorry, back on topic. Yes, I do like blogging and FB is a time sucking vampire. Carry on on great bloggers! 🙂

  4. I so know how you feel. I've managed 2 blog posts about Burning Man in my effort to blog my week this year. At least 2 is a start. I got my photos up, but not my videos yet.

    And I do so want to see your photos. I loved this blog post, so nice to see something new from you in my RSS.

  5. DEAREST slvrnmph!

    As an addendum, to "Hang on, Gypsy Queen," let me add "Hang on slvrnmph! Hang on, rockstarlibrarian!" I've got a few wonderful photos of you both.

    And our outing was just a treasure for me, one of my fondest memories of my virgin Burn.

    It's difficult to express the delight and wonder — especially as a newb — of having two people show up at one's camp who you have never formally met and just fall right in with them and go out and do what we did, and even come away with "tangible assets."

    It was, I thought, a rare and delightful way of being in The Burning Now and also collecting memory treasures that could be revisited, at a later date.

    Thank you for including me!

    I have another related idea that I talked, a long time ago to KM about, and that is a Burning Booth — a photo booth similar to that which is on my blog. We could roll the two together, collect people's personal narratives, and hand them a 4 x 6 print of their Burning Selves.

    How great would that be?

  6. I love that you're blogging, but let's just find some facecrack balance not quit it all together. I think the facecrack has played a fairly major role in a lot of the success of activities around Lexington….ie. Trivial Thursdays….just look how your listenership has grown….also I claim "facecrack" (all due respect Ali)

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