The ACEWeekly Gift Bag

A big big thanks to ACEWeekly readers who were exceedingly kind to me in this year’s “Best of Lex” poll! I didn’t do too bad, scoring Best Local Radio Show, Best Local Blog (non-corporate), Sexiest Radio Guy (2nd place), Best DJ (2nd place).

Um, wow!

Thanks so much to ACEWeekly readers for their fondness!

But the thing that everybody is REALLY wanting to know is: What was in that swag bag given to recipients of ACEWeekly readers poll “Best of Lex 2009?” at the swanky Awesome Inc fête during Gallery Hop?

Well, dear friends, as the recipient of the “Best Blog” award, it only seems appropriate that I should post about that very thing. So let’s have a look.

The Contents of the ACEWeekly Swag Bag for “Best of Lex 2009”

  • Iced cookie from Brown’s Bakery (delicious — semi-consumed/stolen by wife Lucy. But I did get about three bites of it)
  • Gourmet, baked dog treats from the Bluegrass Barkery (Oscar has consumed and pronounced barktastic)
  • Mingua Brothers’ award-winning beef jerky. (already a personal fave)
  • Handy 4-port USB hub courtesy of McEwen Creative
  • Cool little Third Street Stuff laptop sticker (love the laptop sticker concept)
  • 2010 Jewel Case Calendar from Rose Street Design (“The cutest calendars on the planet!”)
  • A copy of Holly Goddard Jones’ just-out story collection “Girl Trouble.”
  • Town & Country Bank change pouch.
  • Invite to Cecil Carpenter’s art opening “Designed Obsolescence” at J.Allen Studio (ahem — there’s a robot. I’m totally there)
  • Issue of Keeneland magazine (which happens to include some of my design work — very handy for the archives!)
  • Eco-bag from Buster’s, which I’m sure will find some real and regular use. (my next gym bag? Now I just have to actually go back to the gym)
  • $50 GC from the renowned Vôce salon!
  • Ring pop from Always Planned, planners of ACEWeekly’s “Best of Lex” party
  • Actual baseball from the Lexington Legends
  • Strange piggy bank keychain from Old Kentucky Barbeque.
  • Nice selection of stickers, pens, chewing gum, and business cards from the likes of Edward T. Jones investments, WRFL-FM, South Van events, and Peggy’s Gifts.
  • Kewl henry brown coffee cozy. Just what I’ve needed!
  • Ball cap from TOBA. Mmm-kay!
  • Little airline bottle of Blanton’s “Connoisseur Sauce,” which seems to be a bourbon-flavored barbeque sauce. No complaints, there…
  • Rather iconic, squarish Buffalo Trace shot glass. (note: these people have been involved fairly intimately in my drinking and in my matrimony. Lucy and I got married at Buffalo Trace distillery.)

Thanks again, ACEWeekly readers for the accolades and local businesses for the swag!

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