Lexington needs Mecca

Lots of dead kids at lex #thriller + 1000 wow on Twitpic

Mecca amazes once again by pulling an extimated 3,000 people into downtown Lexington for the usually-tepid Thursday Night Live event. They were asked — two days in advance — to stage a revival of the popular five-years-running Thriller Dance which has become a Lexington Halloween staple — and may in fact be the first of its kind, in what became a popular trend around the world (unconfirmed, but highly suspected by many).

There are at least 1000 people downtown for #thriller perf on Twitpic

@boingboing #mj #thriller tribute in lex-ky by meccadance.com... on Twitpic

Mecca demonstrates, once again, that art and performance can enthrall and unite our community, bringing people together and creating lasting memories and wonder for everybody. For free.

Forget about Michael Jackson; it’s not about Michael Jackson.

It’s about a thriving arts community, and nobody —I repeat, nobody — does what Mecca Live Studio does for Lexington. Remember that the next time you feel generous because as often as not Mecca does these things for little or no cash, in spite of paying rent for their studio space and associated expenses, money they fork out teaching people and our community how to shine.

Remember that the next time you think this town is pretty cool.

Heck, why don’t you use Paypal now to send Mecca money to info@meccadance.com?

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