Lexington to Hollywood

I recently re-established contact with Bradley Picklesimer, a Kentucky native living in Los Angeles to whom Lexington’s nightlife and culture owe an enormous debt for his gender-bending 80’s night clubs Club Au Go Go and Cafe LMNOP.

Reflecting on the wonderful time that I spent with him in LA, I stumbled across this MSNBC piece.

clipped from www.msnbc.msn.com
Oscar party planner Bradley Harrison Picklesimer holds a foam board containing 140 Swarovski crystals. The objects will be placed inside flower arrangements which will adorn the tables of the Elton John Oscar night party Feb. 27.

So many Oscar parties, so little time

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  1. I’ve always wanted to meet him and I got to sit with him at The Oaks yesterday! He was way more interesting than the Saturday Night Live peeps and all the indie musicians hanging around!

  2. Could you tell him that the Henry Clay High School High school reunion is coming up and we need his contact info so we can send him all the details, his sister Liz as well, they are both in my class of 1978. thanks
    LoriMcMakin@yahoo.com (Dunn)

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