Coffee Break.

I want to express a simple and recurring peeve —

What is the deal
with these stupid “java jackets?” You-know-who (I’m not going to add to their publicity by including their name) started this trend, and now every java juke joint in North America uses them — and millions of Americans (who have to pretend that they invented coffee and drink it better and more ecstatically than anybody else in the world) use and toss them every day.

To me they seem like a spectacular waste and basically insta-trash. Just for the record, I hate these things.

America! Wake up and smell the coffee! And bring your own fucking travel-mug if you love it that much.

Or— $4 cup-of-coffee industry: Come up with some other ingenious way not to overly warm (because “burn” would be a little bit of an overstatement, let’s face it) people’s poor little fingers.


Angry Coffee Man

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