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I’m migrating from the Palm to the iPhone world, and have needed to pull over some random notes that I just wanna keep. Here’s one of them:

I’m sitting at the library eating illegal thai salad. The view from the fourth floor is just too enticing and I was simultaneously hungry, so you know — connect the dots. (bite)

I guess cops have never liked it when lawbreakers tell them “shouldn’t you be out chasing people who have really done something wrong?” Anyway, it’s the dead week, for adults. Or at least me. That’s the week after xmas and before new years. I love dead week. It has the potential to be so — I don’t know — dead. That usually is a condition intensified by a lot of snow which is semi-freakish anymore here in the bluegreass, enough so that people tend to run to grocery, buy lots of water and bread (why with the bread? I’ve never understood) and pretend that the end is nigh.

Not the end of the snow mind you, but The End. That’s not the case today though. It’s clear and beautiful. I promised myself a walk, as a kind of tribute both to dead week and the weather. A no-jacket, no-camera, no-errands walk. Okay, so i tucked my Treo and amazing folding keyboard into my pocket. What’s the harm? Well, for me the harm is that I routinely try to multi-task all the time. It’s become a real theme. In some ways my life has become a list; A list of ludicrous mixed magnitudes, where “buy another house” mingles freely with “get some okra.” It’s madness.

So the idea is that occasionally, I travel light and go for a walk. It rarely happens, but today it did. I felt better just knowing that it was warm outside. And that is why I consider moving. But in the meantime, the brisk walk. It’s hard for me not to not to make lists in my head or even on this Treo. But today I’m trying not to.

Note to self: look into buddism to battle “future-itus”

See?? There I go again. How did i get this way? Why are more and more peo0ple becoming this way? I remember the first time I did business on a cell phone, walking down the street to pick up something at Kinkos. With an internal exclamation, i thought “wow, now I can get two things done at once.” And it’s been downhill ever since. I’m up to, like, 5 things at once. And that seems like an achievement, but I can’t remember why I had to get all thesse things done. WHAT THE FUCK AM I DOING?

I’m taking a walk, that’s what.

And maybe on the way, I’ll drop a letter off at the post office, renew my Y membership, get a cup of coffee, pick up a couple of library books and and and …

late december 2007

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