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Yesterday was, finally, a day to remember for all time. And not for a sad or tragic reason — for once, in our recent history — but for the very best of reasons: Some poignant, timely, important progress for our country, and the opportunity for the US to make inroads once again as a power for good in the world and a beacon of hope. Galvanizing, it was. And being a good deconstructor, it’s always fascinating to me to look at the nuts and bolds and see “how it happened.” Here’s a pretty interesting account of that.

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Obama’s near-flawless run from start to finish

Dem’s journey to the presidency was marked by organization, discipline

The story of Mr. Obama’s journey to the pinnacle of American politics is the story of a campaign that was, even in the view of many rivals, almost flawless. But Mr. Obama and his aides believed from the outset that it would have to be nothing less than that if he was to overcome obstacles that sometimes in the drama of the year became easy to forget: that this was a black man with an unusual name and exotic past, someone dogged by a stubborn (and inaccurate) belief among some voters that he is a Muslim, who began plotting his presidential run less than two years after moving from the Illinois Legislature to the United States Senate. the rest of this story

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