WRFL: How it Went Down PT 1

In the flurry of stuff that seems to always be going on, I nearly forgot to post anything about this documentary that I served as an Associate Producer for. It’s a look at the early days of WRFL-FM-88.1, which I helped to start. 20 years later, I worked as the Lexington producer for this bit which owes its existence to producers Kakie Urch and editor-producer Ayser Salman. This is part 1 and here’s part 2.

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  1. oh my – I’m so glad you’ve brought this to my attention. It’s really cool! So sad that the NYC shoot fell through (sigh) I only really wanted to say one thing & it would’ve totally fit in. Here T’is:

    “I learned more about music from WRFL than I did from the UK college of fine arts” … True!

    Then again, I didn’t join the station until year 2, so perhaps the documentary is best left left to the true OG’s. Blessings!

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