live from Somerset

Dudez— it’s the future.

I’m blogging from a park bench in the center square of tiny Somerset, Kentucky. I was on my way to the library (an internet favorite in small Kentucky towns), and then i decided to do a walk-around, with my handy-dandy TrendNet Hotspot detector, and it said I was golden just siting out next to the oddly-blue-watered fountain. Yup.

Lucy and I are en route to my brother’s 40th birthday celebration at a house we’ve got in Soddy Daisy, Tennessee. You wanna see it?

Here’s a funny little coincidence: Before leaving town, I snagged a DVD from KET with an edition of Kentucky Life that features a segment on photojournalism legend Sam Abell. The other part of the segment was something I’d never heard of called Somernites Cruise. Well, in searching for a Somerset link to include above, I discovered that Somernites Cruise is — yeps — right here in Somerset. That’s kinda weird, right?

Well, if you’re stuck inside on a pretty nice Friday afternoon, maybe you want to check out MUTO a wall-painted animation.

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