WRFL original Jack Kirk on Trivial Thursdays this week

WRFL – Jack Kirk 1988
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Well, folks, it’s comin’ right up: WRFL’s 20th Anniversary, that is.

Amazingly, Radio Free Lexington has been on the air since 1988, 24 hours a day, non-stop. In celebration of that, we’re having a week of fabulousness featuring all kinds of bands, shows, art and so forth. Please plan on coming out, especially for FreeKY Fest, which happens all day long on April 26.

Leading up to the festivities, I’m delighted to feature a couple of WRFL’s original staffers on Trivial Thursdays. First up, Mr. Jack Kirk, WRFL’s original Production Director and the creator of some of the station’s most beloved promos.

Jack is in town from his home base of Chicago, and will be my guest this Thursday from 7-9 am. Tune in at 88.1 FM or listen online.

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