Skype Me!

Is anybody using Skype?

It’s an amazing telephone alternative that uses the net to allow you to make phone calls. To any phone. And while you can enhance the experience with a variety of handsets and headsets and video cameras, you really don’t need anything except your computer. This morning I called Lucy from my laptop on a wi-fi connection at Coffea Island. That’s just cool. Did I mention that the connection includes live video? (assuming your laptop is connected to a webcam or such)

Plus it’s free and/or unbelievably cheap (less than 3¢ a minute to call any phone in (practically) the world. Go sign up and install the Skype software so that I can have more Skype friends. It’s free to talk skype-to-skype, and that includes a video feed, if you’re into that kind of thing. Even if you don’t have a video feed from your computer, you can see somebody else who does. That would be me.

OH. One more thing — Skype is just one implementation of Voice-Over Internet Protocol (VoIP for short), which is going to change The Telephone forever and for everybody. Why not get on board early? It’s already happening. Some claim there are currently at least 1500 companies vying for a foothold in the nascent VoIP business. You’ve probably at least heard of Vonage, the biggest kid on the block currently. That could change; ebay bought Skype for large dollars and that was way back in late 2005.

I’m mickjeffries on Skype, should you choose to play.

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