saturday morning thoughts

For the first time in recent memory, I don’t feel overwhelmed waking up in the AM. I’ve spent months now feeling the need to jump out of bed and start running as fast as possible until the inevitable bedtime, when I would rest so that I could do it again. That is not healthy, I am quite aware. And in fact, this has been the busiest craziest summer ever, from a mostly work standpoint, but also just in general. And lots of that has been really cool and some not so much and plenty just kind of in the middle. Mostly my issue has been with volume of stuff.

And I’m really happy to momentarily report that it’s cooling off. And that refers to volume of stuff (VOS) and even just plain tempurature. The thing I wanted to announce is really quite simple: I’m wearing my hoodie. It’s Saturday morning, things are quiet, I hear the hissing of the sprinkler watering my tomotoes and I’m wearing my favorite hoodie.

Last night, through a wonderful “friend connection,” I worked at photographer at this benign horse farm party where The Nitty Gritty Dirt Band played. Everybody was nice and reasonable, and cheerful, nobody got wasted or belligerent (including me – ha), I was nicely paid and I might get to do it again. This is calming.

Just came back from Minneapolis, from Jill’s wedding (pictures coming) and that was a great trip in many ways. And? I’m glad to be home with not too much on the horizon. Except Mountain Workshop, which has me a little heebie-jeebie, I admit. But mostly in a really excited way. Besides that’s a few weeks from now.

In the meantime, I’m hoping to sort through some pictures, keep the clients under control and help Lucy here and there with her new job.

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