Joe Zawinul RIP

Just saw this morning that Zawinul died. And that requires a brief eulogy. Because Joe Zawinul and Weather Report grooved me through my early 30’s, years that I remember fondly for the house parties on Kentucky Avenue often helmed by Lexington’s great jazz-rock party band Lily Pons. So many of us had such a great time in the presence of our friends/incredible musicians. And there was no doubt that they took cues of inspiration from “Black Market-” era Weather Report.

Those were great times. In fact, just the other day, having dinner with some friends, I noticed a copy of Black Market on top of the stereo and couldn’t resist putting it on. That music can still summon memories of some of my most carefree years. I never got to see Weather Report with Zawinul, which is a bit saddening, but not too much because I would have really liked to have seen them in the late 70’s, well before I could have actually appreciated them.

A final thought: One of my favorite albums of all time, Brian Eno’s “Another Green World,” includes an austere instrumental interlude called Zawinul/Lava: Many musicians were inspired by Joe Zawinul. Many people delighted in his music.

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  1. wow, sucks about Zawinul. RIP. Thanks for the flashback to Ky Ave Lily Pons parties. & Yes, Zawinul & Weather Report was a big influence back then. We can all thank Mr. Farris for that.


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