More tall tales on Trivial Thursdays

This week on the June 14 edition of my weekly radio show, Trivial Thursdays, which features a different guest every week, and all sorts of non-sequitur chit-chat loosely based on the trivia of the particular day (whew– major run-on):

Join us for a return appearance by beloved writer and Merry Prankster Ed McClanahan and celebrated photographer/filmmaker Guy Mendes.

Ed and Guy will no doubt regale us with more wacky storytelling, this time drawing from Ed’s book Famous People I Have Known, along with appropriate musical flirtations. Also there will doubtless be further ruminations on Carlos Toadvine (a.k.a. Little Enis) and strange underground radio phenom, Cowboy Steve. Expect tallness of tales. You can either listen live on WRFL 88.1 in Lexington from 7-9am, or you can listen online.

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  1. apologies to WRFL webstream fans– it was broken this a.m. to my sorrow.. it was a great show. and I didn’t get it recorded! out to the cosmos with that one!

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